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Table 1 Search strategy in order to achieve the number of publicly listed enterprises in the world

From: Relation of R&D expense to turnover and number of listed companies in all industrial fields

No. Search strategy for each step in the ORBIS Search result
(Number of enterprises)
1 All companies 204,523,868
2 Active companies 163,191,236
3 Publicly listed companies 65,639
4 Consolidation code: C1 (companies with consolidated accounts only), C2/U2 (companies with both types of accounts), U1 (companies with unconsolidated accounts only) 62,592
5 Accounting practice: International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), Local Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (Local GAAP) 62,592
6 Accounting template: Industrial companies excluding branches 59,573
7 Publicly listed companies with US SIC primary code 59,430