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Aims and scope

Journal of Open Innovation: Technology, Market, and Complexity (JOItmC) combines interdisciplinary research, as well as theoretical, methodological, and applied work on open innovation, open business model, entrepreneurship, complexity, and evolutionary change in the economy.
Additionally, the JOItmC highly welcomes business model developing cases and the studies that made use of non-traditional methodologies such as simulation, agent-based modelling, network analysis, and system dynamics.
Articles published in the journal cover original research across multiple disciplines, including management, public administration, politics, economics, sociology, history of science, philosophy of science, science communication, natural science, and engineering.

Upcoming conferences

Naples, Italy

SOItmC 2018: ​​​​​​​June 26th-29th, Naples, Italy

The SOItmC 2018 conference will be held in collaboration with the Department of Economics, Management, Institutions (DEMI) at the University Federico II of Naples (UNINA). 

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SOItmC conference 2017

Riga, Latvia

The SOItmC 2017 conference was held in collaboration with Riga Technical University, Latvia. Further details and images from the conference can be found here.