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Table 5 The main points from relevant stakeholders and policy experts

From: Exploring institutional reform of Korean civil service pension: advocacy coalition framework, policy knowledge and social innovation

  Current Ruling Party Government Kim Tae-Il Plan Kim Yong- Ha Opposition Party+Civil Union
Contribution Rate 1.9% Tenure:1.25% New: 1% Tenure:1.5% New: 1% Tenure:1.25% New: 1% (+Saving Account) 1.65% 1.9%
Entitlements 7% Tenure: 10% New: 4.5% 10% 9%
Retirement Allowance About 39% in Private Organization Up to Private Organization Tenure: Current New: Up to Private Organization Up to Private Organization Supporting Current Level
Income Replacement 64.5% Tenure:52.4% New: 44.9% Tenure:52.5% New: 49.1% Tenure:52.4% New: 56.1% 57% 64.5%
  1. Note: Unit: Won. Source: Government Employees Pension Service 2015