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Table 3 Digital currency projects based on blockchain

From: Blockchain government - a next form of infrastructure for the twenty-first century

Status Nation Status
In use Barbados Launched a blockchain-based version of the Barbadian dollar in 2016.
Tunisia Upgraded the e-dinar with blockchain based technology in 2016.
Senegal Launched a blockchain-based version of the eCFA(digital currency) in 2016. This currency will be used as the official currency of The Western African Economic and Monetary Union.
Pilot testing or considering Canada ‘Project Jasper’ phase II was started at December 2016 and announces phase 3 of ‘Project Jasper’ DLT Trial in October, 2017.
China Completed a trial run of digital currency in January 2017.
Denmark Planning to Introduce E-Krone based on blockchain in February 2017.
England Approved the digital currency issued by fintech company in 2016.
Estonia Estcoin, a government backed cryptocurrency, announced in August 2017.
France Tested blockchain technology in October 2016.
Germany Tested blockchain technology in December 2016 with Hyperledger blockchain technology.
India Finished testing blockchain solutions for core banking processes in the country in May 2017.
Japan Japanese banks are planning to introduce a digital currency for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.
Netherland Preparing an ambitious experiment aimed at discerning if an entire financial market can be built on a blockchain and testing a prototype “DNBcoin.”
Russia Developing a national digital currency based on Ethereum in June 2017.
Singapore Completed the first phase of that pilot in March 2017 with the Private Ethereum Blockchain.
South Africa Planning to Introduce national digital currency based on blockchain in February 2017.
Sweden Considering the possibility of issuing blockchain based digital currency in November 2016(no update as of December, 2017).
Ukraine The central bank began working on a blockchain-based system in November 2016 to develop a “cashless economy” and expanded and reinforced the team in December, 2017