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Table 13 Keyword Categorization of the Collaborative Workshop Process

From: Collaborative workshop between client and agency for open innovation

Process keyword Crown Haitai ISTN Museum San Categorization
Shared Issues     Enhancing common understanding
Approach to problem     Enhancing common understanding
Redefine the problem Enhancing common understanding
Select keywords    Enhancing common understanding
Select Images Accelerating ideation
Sketch Accelerating ideation
Making up Scenario (SAP Scences)     Accelerating ideation
Pictogram Tool     Accelerating ideation
Prototyping Rapid testing
Role-playing   Rapid testing
Develop the Co-Process Map     Sharing Direction
Planning Future Vision    
  1. The process keywords in the leftmost column are the words that list all the processes in each collaborative workshop of the three companies, and they are checked with a circle icon () in the process keyword corresponding to each workshop. Each process is grouped into several categories and marked on the right categorization