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Table 11 Workshop Case Summary

From: Collaborative workshop between client and agency for open innovation

  Crown Haitai ISTN Museum San
Background Awareness of employees’ creative thinking abilities to create innovation for organization Identify the causes of declining industrial competitiveness of feed suppliers, Build an effective plan of improvement A brand renewal in name and design system of Hansol Museum is needed by reflecting on the image of surrounding environments and the image that museum pursues.
Objective To cultivate the creativity of employees and to foster a mindset of out-of-box thinking Identify potential complaints of livestock farmers and dairy industry stakeholders
- Find the right problems to improve the Bulk Bin Monitoring Dashboard, Determine solutions
Deriving ideas for naming and logo design and set directionality of the brand regarding museum
Process WIPR process Approach to problems - > Reframe the problem - > Planning Future Vision Keywords- > Image- > Sharing
Result and Effect -Received positive feedback on improvement of creativity
-Establish plans on utilizing ideas of creative display
− 90% cost reduction in sensor: make a reasonable price
-Develop sensor, supply farms
-Data transmission through
central network
-Install cover for bulk bin
-Environment and emotional image of the museum is reflected in the final result