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Table 1 Cases in open innovation implemented by social business

From: Implementing open innovation concept in social business

Number Social business Country of origin Open innovation model use
1 Genesys Works USA The company finds prospective engineers among underprivileged schoolchildren and educates them by using IT companies’ facilities and educators
2 Grameen Danone Bangladesh, France The company uses Danone developed yogurt recipe to provide poor children in Bangladesh with healthy food. The recipe is developed in collaboration of Danone and Grameen group
3 Essay Gifts South Africa Essay Gifts collaborates with a number of grassroots enterprises in South Africa, and spreads knowledge and existing technologies among them if they are producing same or similar products
4 Farmers school Russia The company involves farmers and spreads the technologies they develop to teenagers coming out of prison, provides them with a platform to start their own farming business and then involves them in education of others
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