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Table 2 Benefits and challenges of coaching

From: The scope of coaching in the context of organizational change

Benefits Threats
For individuals  
 New opportunities for development  Stereotype of coaching
 People are becoming more open  A lot of simplified interventions in coaching
 Development of relationship based on trust and respect  A lot of misunderstanding what happens around the coaching
 Ability to organize individually thinking process  Dependence on coach
 Self-awareness and social awareness  Sometimes people need training or mentoring
For organisations Challenges
 Change in the style of management  Not possible to start coaching if a client is not engaged or interested in.
 Greater goal clarity  Difficult to know exactly how and at what level coaching is effective.
 Better alignment with the role in the organization  It is challenge how to look at the coaching in the systematic way.
 Impact on employees’ and managers’ motivation  It is difficult to measure the outcomes of coaching
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