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Table 8 Spin-off-type Road and Urban Construction Analysis

From: Historical review on the patterns of open innovation at the national level: the case of the roman period

NIS Constituents Description of case
Innovative Agent Government of the Ancient Rome (centered around territory management)
Innovative Activity By applying the Roman style of road and urban construction in the conquered lands, architecture technology could be spun off to the conquered lands
Formed networks in the conquered lands that allowed them to receive various military, political, administrative, cultural, technological knowledge and regulations and at the same time serve as a strategic base for administration
Government Support Policies Adopting and disseminating superior technology of the subjects
Providing support to outsourcing policies targeting locals to utilize the technology of the subjects directly.
Environmental and Institutional Context Relative superiority of architecture and cityscape engineering technology in surrounding nations (Etruscan civil engineering and construction, Greek planning, etc.)
Rome required various architectural technology (construction as well as civil and cityscape engineering), because it was still in its developing stages at that point