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Table 1 The channels of collaboration in the study course “Economics of entrepreneurship”

From: Promotion of university students’ collaborative skills in open innovation environment

  Collaboration channel The character of collaboration
1. Intra-group collaboration Within each group students divided responsibilities for product solution, finances, society or market research exchanging findings and discussing further activities with their group-mates
2. Students—teachers collaboration Teachers were open to discuss, consult and facilitate students’ learning both at individual and group level
3. Inter-group collaboration In the end of each intermediate phase groups presented their work done and discussed the challenges faced with the other groups of students and the teachers who had to be their critical friends and potential partners
4. Students-entrepreneurs-teachers collaboration inside the University Entrepreneurs were invited to share their experience and to answer students’ questions helping them to understand practical aspects of entrepreneurship as well as elaborate joint projects
5. Intergenerational collaboration with specialists from outside the University Each group could recruit one member from outside the University when they realised that they needed specific experience and knowledge they didn’t have
  1. Source: the author