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Table 5 Statistical values obtained from analyses of correlation and linear regression

From: Relation of R&D expense to turnover and number of listed companies in all industrial fields

Description and statistical values
Model A B
Independent variable (xn) Average R&D expense Average R&D expense
Dependent variable (yi,n) Average Turnover Number of listed companies
Correlation coefficient (Ri) 0.828 0.782
Slope (ai) 0.583 0.390
Intercept (bi) 11.379 0.883
Coefficient of determination (Ri2) 0.686 0.612
p-value (pi) <  2.2 × 10−16 <  2.2 × 10−16
Residual standard error (RSEi) 1.229 0.968
  1. All statistical figures were computed by using the natural log values of average R&D expenses (thousand USD), average turnovers (thousand USD), and number of listed enterprises
  2. The subscripts “i” and “n” in this Table present the model name and the US SIC primary code, respectively