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Table 2 Electronic voting systems based on blockchain around the world

From: Blockchain government - a next form of infrastructure for the twenty-first century

Nation or Organization System Name Base Technology Application
Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange (Stock Exchange) Shareholder voting system
Australia Postal Service Digital Assets Holdings Digital voting of Victoria government
Denmark Liberal Alliance Follow My Vote Graphene Blockchain Framework Ballot system for political party
Estonia i-Voting KSI National voting system
London Stock Exchange(LSE) Hyperledger Shareholder voting system
Moscow government Ethereum Digital voting of Moscow government
Nasdaq Shareholder voting system
Podemos (Spain) Agora-Voting Bitcoin Ballot system for political party
Texas Libertarian Party VoteWatcher (by Blockchain Technologies Corp) Florincoin Blockchain Ballot system for political party
Ukraine E-vox Ethereum Voting system for various voting
Utah Republican party Blockchain Apparatus Smartmatic (private blockchain) Ballot system for political party