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Table 7 Workshop Plan

From: Collaborative workshop between client and agency for open innovation

Categorization Categorical content
Date/Time August 21 th, 2015 (9:00 AM~ 6:00 PM/8 h)
Location SAP Korea Office (Seoul)
Participant Client Agency
Participant - Companies to be developed in IoT solution based on SAP Platform, 6 people
- Order Management System developer, 1 person - Feed producer/sales company, 1 person
- IoT sensor link developer, 1 person
- SAP IoT experts, platform service provider, partnership manager, 4 people
- Farmer, 1 person: 14 people in total
- Project manager, 1 person
- Design thinking expert, 2 people
- UX designer, 1 person
: 4 people in total
Role of Participant - Provide work difficulties and requirements
- State alternatives and opinions
- Design a frame for workshop
- Expand discussion opportunities among participants
- Observe the patterns of direct and indirect behavior of participants
- Induce field-oriented feedback
Content - Visualize ecosystem of dairy industry using SAP ‘Scenes’ storyboard tool and pictogram tool
- Plan process map of IoT based Kick-starter
- Offer New Business idea