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Table 2 Summary of studies on Americanization and globalization (Source: compiled by the authors)

From: Americanization in Lithuania as a driving force for globalization

Authors and year Object of research Methods used
Kuisel (2001) Americanization Case analysis / semiotics
Adams (2007) Globalization / Americanization Case analysis / semiotics
First & Avraham (2007) Americanization Qualitative analysis of advertising in Israel (semiotics)
Craig et al. (2008) Americanization Factor analysis, correlation- regression analysis
Pekarskiene & Susniene 2011 Globalization Indices, correlation-regression
Von Mahs (2011) Americanization Literature review, description of the case
Xifra (2011) Americanization Qualitative analysis/ semiotics
Alcadipani & Caldas (2012) Americanization Theoretical concepts, case analysis
Lleras-Muney & Shertzer (2015) Americanization Three cross-sections from 1910 to 1920, 1930, and developed the probit model
Albaugh (2017) Americanization Collection of primary data, descriptive statistics
Scheindlin (2017) Americanization Qualitative analysis of Americanization patterns in mass media, marketing culture and politics.