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Table 1 Models of Global Change (Source: based on Bond and O'Byrne, 2014; Graziano & Vink, 2013; Craig et al., 2008; Khondker, 2004; Ritzer, 1983)

From: Americanization in Lithuania as a driving force for globalization

Model Image of World Society
Globalization Orientation to “one world”
Liberalization Erosion of barriers between nation-states
Polarization World divided into rich and poor
Americanization American empire sustained through hard and soft power
McDonaldization Standardization of practices across the world
Creolization Ongoing local transformation through regional flows
Europeanization Process of domestic adaptation to European regional integration.
Transnationalization Emerge of level of governance above the nation state.
Internationalization Expansion of a company beyond the home market to other countries.
Glocalization Creation of products or services intend for global market but customized to suit local cultures.
Balkanization Division of world into distinct and conflicting cultural blocs.