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Table 8 Characteristics and Operation of High-risk High-return R&D

From: A case study on the improvement of institution of “High-Risk High-Return R&D” in Korea

Classification High-risk High-return R&D
Creative R&D Challenging R&D
Characteristics of Project Themes and research methods are creative. Research goals are challenging and risk-taking
Setting of Goal Emphasis on creativity based on various research methods Challenging goals that are difficult to achieve
(Allowing moving targets considering changes in external environment)
Project Planning Centered on free participation
(researcher-centered bottom-up planning priority)
Free participation + Designated participation
(top-down planning through PD/PM)
Project Management Increased flexibility of project evaluation and research funding
(e.g. strengthening selection evaluation, shortening annual/step evaluation, ensuring continuity and accountability of evaluators, flexible use of research grants)
Project Scale Undesignated project (centered on small projects), field-designated project (centered on large projects) Various configurations according to target difficulty level
Project Performance Index Review focusing on appropriateness of operational method Review focusing on goal achievement