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Table 1 Guidelines on the Evaluation Standards for Honorable Failure

From: A case study on the improvement of institution of “High-Risk High-Return R&D” in Korea

Classification Criteria for Evaluation Indicators (Example)
Integrity of research process Reason for under-achievement ∙ Challenging goals
∙ Failure to meet goal due to external factors
Appropriateness of method and process of research ∙ Evaluation of research method (whether it was retried after failure)
∙ Evaluation of research process (sincere record of research notes, demonstration of progress)
Judgment of value derived from research process Effect of results ∙ Project performance of the results derived from research process
∙ Research in a whole new field and originality of the method
Contribution to follow-up research ∙ Research results that can help with follow-up research
  1. Source: Guidelines for Providing Opportunities for R&D Retry, Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning (MSIP), 2013