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Table 5 Definitions for the NIEMO’s USC Sector system

From: Natural disasters and deterrence of economic innovation: a case of temporary job losses by Hurricane Sandy

Sector Description
USC01 Live animals and live fish & Meat, fish, seafood, and their preparations
USC02 Cereal grains & Other agricultural products except for Animal Feed
USC03 Animal feed and products of animal origin, n.e.c.
USC04 Milled grain products and preparations, and bakery products
USC05 Other prepared foodstuffs and fats and oils
USC06 Alcoholic beverages
USC07 Tobacco products
USC08 Nonmetallic minerals (Monumental or building stone, Natural sands, Gravel and crushed stone, n.e.c.)
USC09 Metallic ores and concentrates
USC10 Coal and petroleum products (Coal and Fuel oils, n.e.c.)
USC11 Basic chemicals
USC12 Pharmaceutical products
USC13 Fertilizers
USC14 Chemical products and preparations, n.e.c.
USC15 Plastics and rubber
USC16 Logs and other wood in the rough & Wood products
USC17 Pulp, newsprint, paper, and paperboard & Paper or paperboard articles
USC18 Printed products
USC19 Textiles, leather, and articles of textiles or leather
USC20 Nonmetallic mineral products
USC21 Base metal in primary or semi-finished forms and in finished basic shapes
USC22 Articles of base metal
USC23 Machinery
USC24 Electronic and other electrical equipment and components, and office equipment
USC25 Motorized and other vehicles (including parts)
USC26 Transportation equipment, n.e.c.
USC27 Precision instruments and apparatus
USC28 Furniture, mattresses and mattress supports, lamps, lighting fittings, and illuminated signs
USC29 Miscellaneous manufactured products, Scrap, Mixed freight, and Commodity unknown
USC30 Utility
USC31 Construction
USC32 Wholesale Trade
USC33 Transportation
USC34 Postal and Warehousing
USC35 Retail Trade
USC36 Broadcasting and information services
USC37 Finance and Insurance
USC38 Real estate and rental and leasing
USC39 Professional, Scientific, and Technical services
USC40 Management of companies and enterprises
USC41 Administrative support and waste management
USC42 Education Services
USC43 Health Care and Social Assistances
USC44 Arts, Entertainment, and Recreation
USC45 Accommodation and Food services
USC46 Public administration
USC47 Other services except public administration
  1. Source: Park and Park (2016)