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Table 5 Content of business support in internal and external system of university in each steps of CHEESE program

From: Student customized creative education model based on open innovation

Classification Business Inspiration & Motivation Experience Ideation & Visualization Prototyping Evaluation Commercialization
Internal ACE Design studio (educational environment) Special lecture about new technology Support for application of invention and competitive exhibition   KIT engineering fair  
LINC Technology and activity information from registered business (family company) - Foundation education
- Camp (invention, foundation, technology)
- Field trip
- Mentor and mentee
- Support patent application and registration
- Various kinds of competitive exhibition
- Support capstone design (comprehensive design)
- Financial support for manufacturing prototype (foundation group)
  -Technology licensing
External Government supported manpower cultivation (KDM) Studio support      
Design Awards    Design concept award    
Engineering competitive exhibition     Invention/idea award   
Creative economy exposition      Exhibition and evaluation award - Technology licensing linkage
Government supported business foundation Office support Mentor support   Production support Exhibition linkage - Distribution linkage