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Table 4 Activities and necessary requisites for each step of CHEESE program

From: Student customized creative education model based on open innovation

  Steps of CHEESE Program Activities Necessary requisites for convergence exchange based on Oganisjana (2015)
1 Inspiration & Motivation Getting inspiration and obtaining motivation through acquiring overall knowledge and information.
(Research of life style, trends, users, technology)
Knowledge, other views on life, inspiration & motivation
2 Experience Find the needs and gain specific cognition through direct experience.
(Field trip, town watching, seminars, workshops)
intergenerational awareness
3 Ideation & Visualization Define discovered problem and needs, and actualize the concept and visualize it by coming up with new ideas.
(Sketching, modeling, rendering, presentations)
Problem solving, new ideas, creativity
4 Prototyping Prototype to actualize defined ideas
(3D Printing, mock-up, simulation)
5 Evaluation Get evaluation and advice, whether it agrees with the intention of the idea, through various evaluations such as utility of manufactured prototype, satisfaction level, purchase intention, and capacity.
(Test of usability/emotion/satisfaction, exhibition)
Advice, critical thinking, support
6 Commercialization Commercialize verified ideas by linking with externals based on marketability
(Technology licensing, business linkage, foundation)
New opportunities