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Table 2 Case study of creative convergence education program

From: Student customized creative education model based on open innovation

  (Nation) University and Major Target and Semester Major Configuration Operation
1 (USA)
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
(postgraduate course)
* Students who have completed master degree in other schools; their PhD will be decided according to the result of Master performance in media lab
(Postgraduate course) Compulsory to take chemistry or physics as major, focused on class meeting and individual oriented research, possible to audit classes such as Harvard, MIT, MFA, Massart, Thesis (PhD course) research project - Process: Imagine- > Create- > Experiment > Reflect
- Engineering, Physics, neuroscience, architecture, design based convergence education
- Academic system and support from enterprise
- Venture related class and start-up support
Media Lab
(master of science degree in media arts and sciences)
2 (USA)
Stanford University
(Postgraduate course)
4 times a year of open admission system
- Comprehensive design studio and creative innovation based major
- Boot camp, pop-up class, among others
- Design, engineering, education, society, management, biology, industry based convergence education
- Debate, performance based class
- Design and industry-university project
d. school
3 (UK)
Royal college of art
Double Master’s Joint Course (two years), MA (RCA) & MSc (Imperial College London) - Disruptive Market Innovations
- Experimental Design –Group & Solo project
- Critical & Historical Studies
- Postgraduate Student Loan of up to £10,000 per course - workshop, seminar, student teaching workshop industry-university project
- Prototype production support
Innovation Design Engineering, IDE
4 (Germany)
Technische Universität München
(Postgraduate course) industrial design curriculum has been provided to variety of majors such as architecture, machinery, information, business engineering Administration - Design theory & multidisciplinary related field
- Project: Design-utilized product, service and brand development
- Personal research and thesis at systemic level
- Modular education (Diploma course students & Master course students participated)
- Utilize methodology such as theory, seminar, research
- Focused on company experience and understanding through project and internship
Master of Industrial Design
5 (South Korea)
Seoul National University
40 students a year,
More than 3 semesters registered to students who are assigned to selected undergraduate major, obtaining certain grade
- Compulsory program of integrated creative design (selected undergraduate: recommend students who are assigned to Design, Management, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Industrial Computer Engineering, Architecture, Electrical Engineering, Consumer Pedology, Psychology, Clothing department chooses interdisciplinary program) - Government expenditure supported program which has been established in 2009
- Team teaching and team work focused education
- Supports foreign internship and training by creating industrial oriented education environment.
- Opportunity to attend workshop, group activity seminar, conference, exhibition and entry fee supported
Integrated Creative Design
Interdisciplinary program
6 (South Korea)
(Postgraduate) - 4 Phase project-based integrated Univ-Industry Cooperation courses
- Design & Engineering Integrated Project, Master Graduation Project
- Creativity/convergence/globalization
- Research facility
- Project to exchange actively with foreign universities
- Supports industry internship and start-up training
Postgraduate School of Design Convergence specialty