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Table 4 Properties of representative Hyundai’s partners involved in four groups

From: Configuring an alliance portfolio for eco-friendly innovation in the car industry: Hyundai and Toyota

Groups Characteristics of alliance portfolios Representative Toyota’s partners
Patent quality Degree of collaboration
Potential partners HIGH LOW KRICT - In 2016, Bio-Chemical commercialization center open for production of bioplastic
Key partners HIGH HIGH GS Caltex - Development of bio-nylon made from biomass
Nominal partners LOW LOW LG - Joint development of PLA production technology using bacteria with KAIST in 2009
Diligent partners LOW HIGH Hitachi - Supply environment-friendly fiber (PTT BCF) to make yarn from corn to produce environmentally friendly car mats for the “Kia Soul EV”
Desco - Hyundai’s subcontractor
- Inactive R&D in bioplastic