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Table 2 The expected effect on patent value according to pharmaceutical industry related factors

From: Valuation method by regression analysis on real royalty-related data by using multiple input descriptors in royalty negotiations in Life Science area-focused on anticancer therapies

Variable Definition Expected effect on Patent value Date source
CRECEIVE Number of citations received + NBER
OPPOSITION The occurrence of opposition (1:yes; 0: no) + INPADOC
CLAIMS Number of claims + NBER
CMADE Number of citations mode + NBER
BLOCKBUSTER Blocbuster drug (1:yes; 0: no) + PHARMADL
PORTFOLIO Number of patents in a patent portfolio + FDA
NDS New dosing schedule (1:yes; 0: no) Unknown FDA
NI New indication (1:yes; 0: no) Unknown FDA
NC New combination (1:yes; 0: no) + FDA
NCE New chemical entity (1:yes; 0: no) + FDA
NDF New dosage form (1:yes; 0: no) + FDA
NP New product (1:yes; 0: no) + FDA
NS New strength (1:yes; 0: no) Unknown FDA
OD Orphan drug (1:yes; 0: no) - FDA
PD Pediatric drug (1:yes; 0: no) - FDA
GYEAR Grant year - NBER
  1. NBER US National Bureau of Economic Research, INDAPOC International Patent Documentation Center, PHARMADL Pharmaceutical Digital Library