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Table 1 Summary of the previous studies that examined the relationship between TQM and innovation during 2000–2010

From: Innovation capability and its role in enhancing the relationship between TQM practices and innovation performance

No. Authors Finding Positive/negative
1. Singh and Smith 2004 There is no sufficient statistical evidence to support the relationship between TQM and innovation performance. No relationship
2. Prajogo and Sohal 2004 Some of the TQM practices have positive effect on product innovation. Partial positive.
3. Prajogo and Sohal 2006 TQM cannot affect innovation without integrating with other key resources of innovation, such as technology and R&D. No significant direct relationship.
4. Perdomo-Ortiz et al. 2006 The study stresses strong link between both TQM and innovation Positive
5. Cole and Matsumiya 2008 Quality culture can inhibit innovation. Negative
6. Prajogo and Hong 2008 TQM principles enhance innovation performance of organization. Positive
7. Abrunhosa et al. 2008 The relationship between TQM and innovation is weak and not statistically significant. Weak relationship
8. Pekovic and Galia 2009 Support the proposition that quality practices improve innovation. Positive
9. López-Mielgo et al. 2009 Strongly affirms the positive link between innovation and TQM. Positive
10. Sadikoglu and Zehir 2010 Continuous improvement and process management can be combined for breakthrough innovation. Positive