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Table 2 The main projects of APCTP in the stages

From: A study on the accountability of the regional R&D program: the case of APCTP

Stage Year Objective Main projects
Establishment 1996. 6 Establishment of center • hosting demonstration academic conference
Foundation furtherance 1997–2004 Academic exchange • infrastructure building
• theme research project
• international joint research
2005–2006 International joint research • science communication project
• science popularization system building
• establishment of Asia Pacific national cooperation system
Science communication • mid/long term research visiting and staying activities
Research infra building • sharing operating cost between member countries
• research and visit infrastructure expansion
- visiting research room, seminar room so on
Development 2007–2012 Globalization of projects • expansion of disciplinary and confusion research fields support
• strengthening of basic science international cooperation through international joint research
Maturity After 2013 International institute • establishment of confusion international research institute status
• Mecca of theoretical physics in Asia Pacific area