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Table 1 Implementation of coaching in Latvia and Lithuania

From: The scope of coaching in the context of organizational change

Means of implementation Latvia Lithuania
International coaching organisations International Coach Federation Latvia Chapter; European Coach Federation International Coach Federation Lithuania Chapter; International Coach and Trainer Association (ICTA)
National coaching organisations and other coaching related organisations Baltic Coaching Centre;
Riga Coaching School;
Riga Coach Club;
Eiro Personāls Ltd
Personības pilnveidošanas centrs;
Franklin Covey ;
Association of professional coaches in Lithuania; Baltijos koučingo centras
Projects and programs Pilot project Career Mentoring and Coaching, 2010;
JOSEFIN - Joint SME Finance for Innovation, 2009–2012;
2014–2016 “Coaches of SMEs: 5POINTS Trainings”;
International accredited professional business coaching training program “Leader as a Coach”
Certified training program “Workplace Coach”
Master degree program “Ugdomasis vadovavimas / Koucingas” (Coaching) in Mykolas Romeris university; Coaching Excellence Club (CEC) in OVC
Survey, research, books TNS Latvia, 2011
TNS Latvia, 2013
Coaching Opportunities Evaluation of Lithuanian Organizations. Consultants‘ Survey, 2012;
Practical coaching aspects in Lithuanian organizations, 2013;
Tomas Misiukonis (2013) Koučingo technikos,VAGA,
Events Coaching Week
Master classes
Seminars, conferences
Coaching Week
Master classes,
Winter and Summer schools
Seminars, conferences
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