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Table 4 Case Study Analysis on the Acquisition-type Integration of Non-Romans

From: Historical review on the patterns of open innovation at the national level: the case of the roman period

NIS Constituents Description of case
Innovative Agent Government of Ancient Rome (centered around diplomatic agents)
Innovative activity Developing and reforming the manpower inflow system through acquisition-type innovation in which talented manpower are acquired in exchange for certain rewards
Because of the inflow of talented soldiers, doctors and educators, innovation of education, and medical system (especially military hospitals) were made possible.
Government Support Policies Assigned citizenships to talented doctors in exchange for 10 years of medical service, with the goal of acquiring talented doctors regardless of social standing, race, and birthplace.
Environmental and institutional context Created and applied jus gentium to all citizen within the territory in an equal manner.
Established an institutional environment in which talented individuals, regardless of their birthplace, could rise to nobility and office.