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Table 1 Several literature Reviews on Open Innovation

From: Historical review on the patterns of open innovation at the national level: the case of the roman period

Dimension Subject Reference
Firm Importance of technology market Arora et al. (2001)
Relationship between innovation and R&D collaboration Amara and Landry (2005), Kline (2003), Lichtenthaler (2008)
Open innovation case studies in corporations Chesbrough (2003), Gassmann and Reepmeyer (2005)
  Determinants of successful platform business, through the case study of KakaoTalk Han and cho (2015)
Industry R&D achievements and effectiveness in accordance with the types of external partners in collaborative activities Eom and Lee (2010), Belderbos et al. (2004)
  Selecting collaborative partner Jeon et al. (2011)
NIS Diverse policies for increasing the open innovation De Jong et al. 2008
Innovation triangle framework which consolidates the national open innovation system Santonen et al. (2007)
Open innovation policies aim at the production as well as the distribution and consumption of knowledge and technologies Yun et al. (2015)
  Structure of linkages of foreign R&D centers with institutions in India Patra and Krishna (2015)