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Table 2 Dependent, independent variables, and descriptive statistics

From: The impact of graduate students on research productivity in Korea

Category Index Definition and measurement Average (standard deviation)
Dependent Variable Pub_1 KCI-Level Research Outcomes 0.4238119(0.4941678)
Pub_2 SCI-Level Research Outcomes 0.1497811(0.3568614)
Independent Variable Graduate Students Number of Graduate Students  
Control Variable Gender 1 = Dummy of Females  
Grant_gov Natural Logarithm of Government’s grants to research cost  
Grant_pri Natural Logarithm of the size of private grants to research cost  
Grant_inner Natural Logarithm of the size of inner grants to research cost  
Age Age  
Age2 Age Squared  
Nation Dummy of Institution Trained  
NU Dummy of National/Public Universities  
Region Regional Dummy Variable  
Cur Dummy of Classification of disciplines