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Table 2 A fragment of the qualitative content analysis and labelling of the categories

From: Promotion of university students’ collaborative skills in open innovation environment

  Students’ opinions on what they could get and share in the intergenerational collaboration in the open study environment Categories spoken about The direction of interactions and frequencies of categories
In Out In-out-in
Student 1 Of course I can get some new knowledge (knowledge—in), a bit of their experience (experience—in) and support (support—in). From me they could get the understanding of young people’s ways of thinking (other view of life) and problems which are topical for us (intergenerational awareness - out). Knowledge 1   
Experience 1   
Support 1   
Other view of life   1  
Intergenerational awareness   1  
Student 2 Perhaps we could try to solve the problem together (problem solving—in-out-in). It could be very useful as people of different generations see things in different ways (other view of life—in-out-in). We could exchange experience (experience—in-out-in). I could provide fresh ideas! (new ideas—out). Problem solving    1
Other view of life    1
Experience    1
New ideas   1  
Student 3 They have experience (experience—in) and I—great enthusiasm and motivation to do something valuable (inspiration & motivation—out) Experience 1   
Inspiration & motivation   1  
  1. Source: the author and the texts of students’ reflections