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Table 8 Technological Issues

From: A systematic review of RFID applications and diffusion: key areas and public policy issues

Issue Paper Year Case Country
Cryptography Laurie 2007 Cryptography is not a perfect technique for protecting information saved in RFID tag so it can be easily attacked by the hackers US
Standard Hossain et al. 2009 No internationally agreed frequencies for RFID operations  
Storage Capacity Reichenbach 2008 There is shortage of capacity for source-separated waste in household Europe
NicheSpace Ema and Fujigaki 2011 Informing children’s exact location cannot guarantee their actual safety Japan
Vining 2005 In port, the container can be drilled into and contents can be removed without disturbing the RFID tag US
Ezovski et al. 2007 Without any additional protections, the Faraday cage is not safe enough US