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Table 6 RFID application in healthcare and welfare

From: A systematic review of RFID applications and diffusion: key areas and public policy issues

Application Author Year Case Country
Managing Public Hospital Kuo and Chen 2008 Many hospitals are actively involved RFID system in managing hospital with the support of the government Taiwan
Pharmacy Wyld 2008 U.S. government and FDA recommended that pharmaceutical industries move to implement RFID tag to prevent counterfeit dugs by 2007 US
Thuemmler et al. 2007
Romero and Lefebvre 2013
Skinar 2005 Florida state government imposed fine to drug suppliers when they did not adopt RFID tags Florida State
Service for the impaired Murad et al. 2011 RFID tag using service for visually impaired people was designed and implemented by Pakistan government Pakistan
Infection Management Nicholas 2008 Singapore government track visitors, patients and staff, to figure out who was the SARS virus bearer in 2003 Singapore
Kuo et al. 2004 Taiwan hospital proceed RFID plans to track SARS patients Taiwan