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Table 5 RFID application in transportation

From: A systematic review of RFID applications and diffusion: key areas and public policy issues

Application Paper Year Case Country
Public Transportation Ulatowski 2007 Electronic toll collection US
Kovavisaruch and Suntharasaj 2007 Well-known success smart card case in Hong Kong Hong Kong
Kovavisaruch and Suntharasaj 2007 Largest smart card transport system in the world China
Pransanth and Soman 2009 RFID based transportation system especially for railroad toll collection in India India
Kim 2008 Hypass case used in highway toll collection in ROK ROK
Managing Road condition Prado et al. 2013 How Mexican government using data collected from RFID system in decision making Mexico
Hossain et al. 2012 Monitor and control the road system Bangladesh