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Table 4 RFID applications in defense and security

From: A systematic review of RFID applications and diffusion: key areas and public policy issues

Application Paper Year Case Country
Waste Management Kang et al. 2012 Ministry of Environment in the ROK introduced RFID system in the medical waste management in 2006 ROK
Infotech 2013 India adopted RFID technology in order to deal with rapid increase in volume and types of waste India
Ruan and Hu 2011 Shanghai city government started RFID using waste management to prepare Shanghai expo 2011 China
WWICS 2008 How US government using RIFD in waste management US
Schindler et al. 2012 Cases of using RFID in waste management in EU member country EU
Ransford et al. 2012 Waste management operating system broadly used within US US
Street tree Management Kim et al. 2006 ROF government using RFID technology to manage street tree condition ROK