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Table 3 RFID application in identification

From: A systematic review of RFID applications and diffusion: key areas and public policy issues

Application Paper Year Case Country
e-passport Meingast et al. 2007 US Visit Visa Waiver Program(VWP) focusing on why US government adopted RFID based e-passport US
Lorenc 2007 History of e-passport US
Ramos et al. 2009 Disadvantage of using e-passport from privacy perspective US
Kim 2008 Pros and cons of ROK government using RFID embedded e-passport ROK
Hossain 2014 How Australia adopt and implement e-passport Australia
e-ID Ezovski & Watkins 2007 e-ID used in United Kingdom UK
Kovavisaruch & Suntahrasaj 2007 Brief history of Chinese e-ID card China