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Table 2 RFID application in Defense and Security

From: A systematic review of RFID applications and diffusion: key areas and public policy issues

Application Author Year Case Country
Army and Navy Weinstein 2005 US Navy embedded RFID into cargo container US
Konsynski and Smith 2003 US Army track containers of material US
Tien 2004 US Army using RFID for tracking its army in Iraq US
Anon 2002 US Army piloted 4 projects using RFID US
Airport and port Security Werb and Sereiko 2002 2 RFID programs to prevent terrorist’s attack US
Smith and Konsynski Zhang 2003 2013 New York city government project using RFID, CargoMate New York City, US
Tsai and Huang 2012 Kaohsiung port adopt RFID system for port security Taiwan
Prison management And Child protection Kim 2008 Calpatria prison issued RFID embedded bracelet to its inmates US
Nicholas 2008 LA County prison management US
Ema and Fujigaki 2011 Let parents know the exact time of a child’s arrival and departure time Japan
Yonhap news 2013 Child monitoring through RFID tag in beach ROK