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Table 2 Service of Kakao

From: Platform business Eco-model evolution: case study on KakaoTalk in Korea

KakaoTalk Social networking service that provides chat and voice services (voice talk, group call) between groups and 1:1
KakaoStory Social networking service to share photos and private events between users
KakaoMusic Service to listen to music using the smartphone
KakaoGroup Social networking service to share photos and private lives in a group chat with a number of group members
KakaoHome Service to help users decorate and add character to the home screen of their smartphone
KakaoPlace Location-based social networking service to share the popular restaurants and attractions between KakaoTalk friends
KakaoAlbum Mobile photo share service to collect photos taken by friends in one place
KakaoPage Mobile marketplace to buy, sell, and share music, videos, e-books and other digital content
KakaoStyle Social network service to see the hottest fashion in one place and to share it with friends
KakaoAgit Service to get together and to share photos, videos, music, etc. between close friends
KakaoGame Mobile game platform to compete with Kakao friends
KakaoAccount One account to explore all of Kakao’s apps and linked services through email
KakaoLink Service to send links from external apps or mobile webpages to KakaoTalk and KakaoStory
  1. Source: Revised KaKaoTalk 2014 report