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Table 1 KaKao mobile platform

From: Platform business Eco-model evolution: case study on KakaoTalk in Korea

Platform Service Partners of mutual growth Details
Mobile Commerce Gift Store Mobile coupon companies and other partners • Creates new opportunities for the mobile commerce market and generates new consumption trends that lead to m-commerce vitalization
KakaoStyle Online fashion malls • A new mobile shopping channel that connects Korea’s Soho fashion malls with KakaoTalk users (note: I have not been sure what ‘Korea’s Soho fashion malls’ has been describing – the unique style of Korean boutique fashion perhaps? Is it specifically connecting brick and mortar stores to mobile shoppers? Could be my cluelessness…)
Marketing Plus Friend Corporate/product brands, social welfare organizations, celebrities, media, etc. • A new advertising model optimized for mobile
• A customer-targeted marketing platform that brings maximum efficiency to both customers and advertisers
Contents Game Small- and mid-sized game developers • World’s first mobile game platform based on social networking that strives for joint growth with small mobile game developers
• First Kakao service that has proved the power of Kakao’s platform
KakaoPage Content creators • World’s first mobile content distribution channel where anyone can create and market their original content
KakaoMusic Record companies, Entertainment agencies, Copyright holders • Social music service of a new concept of sharing and communicating with friends through music
  1. Source: Revised KakaoTalk 2014 report